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At Origins Coaching, we work with those who want to start and grow a business that can benefit the world and improve the lives of us all.

For the conscious entrepreneur, business and spirituality are not separate. Growing the business becomes your spiritual path. Every entrepreneur must be aware of profitability, but for the conscious entrepreneur, profit is only a means to an end. It enables your business to thrive so you can further enrich the lives of others.

Origins Coaching was started by Lawrence Williams, Ed.D. An entrepreneur, author, and educator for over 40 years, Lawrence is the co-founder of an educational business that provides K-12 curriculum materials and an accredited K-12 distance-learning program for thousands of homeschoolers around the world.

Through his experience as an entrepreneur, he integrates a clear understanding of business principles with a deeper perspective to help you clarify and manifest your vision.


How Does it Work?

Coaching can be done in person, by phone, or by Skype.

Origins Coaching is informal, but it is focused on helping you clarify your vision and grow it into a thriving, successful business. Each week, we focus on what's arising within you in that moment. These could be inner conflicts, financial challenges, or business decisions. Whatever issues arise, Lawrence will explore these with you, help you develop strategies for overcoming obstacles, and work with you to clarify your direction for the following week. In this way, week by week, step by step, you grow your business.

Coaching fees are based on the frequency and the length of meetings. If you're interested and would like to discuss this further, email Lawrence at lawrence@originsassociates.com to set up a free consultation.